Do you think this pancake looks like Donald Trump?

You can enjoy your pancakes in many different ways.
Clair Mccourt's pancake.Clair Mccourt's pancake.
Clair Mccourt's pancake.

Topped with lemon and sugar, drizzled in chocolate sauce, or stuffed with a savoury filling. Many even choose to get creative with a themed stencil for their Shrove Tuesday treat. But one mum got more than she bargained for when her pancake appeared to take the profile of US President Donald Trump.

Clair Mccourt, 44, sent this picture to the Shields Gazette Facebook page after one of the pancakes she was making for her children settled with an uncanny likeness to Trump.

The mum-of-four lives in South Shields.

We can definitely see the resemblance between Clair's pancake and the 45th President ... can you?