‘The dog is out of control’ - warning from pet owners after animals attacked

Two dog owners have been forced to fork out hundreds of pounds in vet bills after their pets were mauled by an “out of control” dog in Hebburn.

Saturday, 2nd February 2019, 8:00 am
Updated Thursday, 7th February 2019, 4:04 pm
Injuries caused to Shih Tzu in the attack

One woman, who wished not to be named, said she feared her 11-year-old Shih Tzu had been killed when it was pinned to the ground by a Japanese Akita type dog.

The attack happened when she was passing Victoria Road East, in Hebburn, close to the park on Friday morning on the way to the vets.

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Her pet was left with bite wounds on her back, near her neck and chest - so far costing her £700 in vet bills.
The dog is one of a number believed to have been left injured by the Akita.

Another woman, who also did no wish not to be named said she has been let with a £400 bill for her dog which was attacked while out for a walk with her husband, last week.

Her 11-year-old dog was left with bite marks to his back.

They are both urging dog owners in the area to be on their guard.

The woman said: “I had been on my way to the vets when this Akita just came out of a garden and attacked my two dogs.

“One was able to get away, but my oldest dog was pinned to the ground. It was frightening and I honestly thought she was dead. It just wouldn’t let her go.”

The Shih Tzu owner added: “It seems to be the same dog. But what happens if it’s a child?

“I just don’t want anyone else to go through what I went through and to be vigilant.”

The other owner added: “The dog is out of control. My dog is in a terrible mess because of it. My husband said the dog just appeared from nowhere.”

Both incidents have been investigated by police.

A Northumbria Police spokesman said: “At 10.13am on Friday, police received a report that a Japanese Akita dog had attacked a smaller Shih Tzu dog in the Victoria Road area of Hebburn.

“The owner of the Japanese Akita has since been spoken to and officers were satisfied that no criminal offences had been committed.

“We would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone of their duty to ensure their pets are kept under control at all times.”