Durham Miners call on Labour voters to turn out and hold back 'ravages of Tory rule'

North East voters must turn out for Labour "on behalf of our children, our health service, our older people and the most vulnerable" on election day, say Durham Miners.

Wednesday, 7th June 2017, 4:28 pm
Updated Wednesday, 7th June 2017, 4:31 pm
Durham Miners' Gala 2017

The Durham Miners Association (DMA) has issued a rallying cry to the people of the region to "back your Labour traditions of fairness and justice" and vote for Jeremy Corbyn's party tomorrow.

The DMA said it has fought for over 150 years to try to protect mining communities from the "ravages of Tory rule" and is today calling on the people of County Durham and the North East to "vote Labour on behalf of our children, our health service, our older people and the most vulnerable".

DMA secretary Alan Cummins said: “We are at a critical crossroads in history. Another Tory government will finish off our communities. Only Labour can give us the last chance for renewal and survival.

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“The DMA has a proud heritage of securing social justice and decent living standards for our children and older people”.

“We call on our members, their families and the people of County Durham to see through the media attacks on Jeremy Corbyn and realise that only Labour offers us a future”.

“Our heritage, culture, communities and livelihoods are at stake. Join the Durham Miners in their call for a Labour government.”