End business as usual

As the Green Party candidate for Biddick and All Saints in this year's council election, I would like to thank all those who opted for an end to the business-as-usual politics that has done such disservice to South Tyneside for so long, and instead chose an alternative that is committed to localism, sustainability, social justice and opportunity for all.

The local election saw the Green Party take an unprecedented 8.6% of the vote in Biddick and All Saints, up from 5.2 % in 2015 and particularly encouraging given that it’s only the third time a Green Party candidate has stood in the ward.

Between now and the next council elections in 2018, South Tyneside Green Party intends to build on the gains it has made across the borough by campaigning on local issues, listening to the views of residents and holding the council to account.

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Political change is a daunting task, especially in places like South Tyneside where the old ‘Red vs Blue’ certainties are so deeply embedded, but change it must.

I hope more of you will come to see it as a task the Green Party is up to.

Here’s to 2018.

Peter Bristow,

Green Party Candidate for Biddick and All Saints