Readers have been sharing their favourite pictures for World Wildlife Day.

World Wildlife Day 2022: 25 beautiful pictures from North East photographers

As the world comes together in honour of the world’s animals and plants, photographers across our region have been sharing shining examples of their work.

As World Wildlife Day was celebrated this week (Thursday, March 3), we asked the North East’s photographers to get in touch with their favourite wildlife pictures.

The touching photographs vary from creatures captured in their habitats across the region, to more exotic animals encountered overseas.

This theme of this year’s World Wildlife Day was “recovering key species for ecosystem restoration”, with hopes to put a spotlight on the conversation status of some of the world’s most critically-endangered wild fauna and flora.

There’s a great need to promote sustainability and in turn reverse damage caused to these vital habitats.

Find out more about the campaign online here, and see some of the incredible pictures taken by photographers across the North East region below.

Don’t worry if you can’t see your photograph featured here. Thank you so much to everyone who sent one in, we will use as many as we can in future round-ups.

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