Eurgh! Your pictures of sex-crazed spiders as they invade our homes for mating season

We've all been warned that it's spider mating season - and these scary pictures show that we need to be on our guard.
Picture by Cath Kennedy.Picture by Cath Kennedy.
Picture by Cath Kennedy.

Now that the autumn has arrived, it means that the eight-legged critters who've hidden away all year are coming out into the open.

So we asked you to show us the biggest spider that had made itself at home with you - and there were some corkers!

Picture by Tasha Gotts.Picture by Tasha Gotts.
Picture by Tasha Gotts.
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Why sex-crazed spiders the size of mice are invading our homesThe creepy crawlies have certainly been out and about in the North East since September struck - and you were quick to tell us just what you thinking of the awful arachnids.

Writing on our Facebook page, Danielle Bellfield said: "Killing a spider makes the spider genetic pool sneakier and more deadly.

"You'd be killing the ones out in the open, being all obvious and stuff, so they'd be unable to spread their 'being obvious' genes around while the ones that stay hidden in the shadows are allowed to propagate and make a whole bunch of little sneaky deadly baby spiders.

"Just a thought for next time you think about killing one."

Picture by Flossy Kelly.Picture by Flossy Kelly.
Picture by Flossy Kelly.

But don't despair, there are ways to keep the spiders at bay!

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Our reader Linsey Ellens shared some tips with us on social media for getting rid of them, and added: "Peppermint oil and water in a spray bottle on all door and window frames and corners of all your rooms. They hate it. Of course if some are already inside your house you're snookered."