Fears for war looming over Syria

Am I the only person that is deeply troubled by what is happening in Syria?

With all our technology why can’t the USA and the UK find out who actually did fire the chemicals at the Syrian people?

Up to now nobody has claimed responsibility for this terrible attack.

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I find it incredibly scary that the USA launched Tomahawk missiles against a supposedly hostile country where terrorism is rife.

Was it Syrian dictator Bashar Al-Assad or was it ISIS ?

I find it very disturbing that our Foreign Sectary cancelled a trip to Moscow and is now asking for sanctions against Russia and the removal of Assad from Syria.

This will anger Putin and the Russian people, who have backed Assad.

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God forbid that there should be another attack on Syria by the USA because if that happens Putin will respond and possibly attack the USA and everyone knows if that happens it could lead to World War III.

Scott Andrews