Fears over welfare

Macmillan Cancer Support is urging all MPs in County Durham to uphold the Lord's amendments to the Welfare Reform and Work Bill, as this will ensure that people with cancer and other long-term illnesses, who are too ill to work but capable of work in the future, do not see their benefits reduced by £30 a week.

Macmillan is worried that some MPs might reject the Lord’s amendments without realising that doing so will push some people with cancer over the edge financially.

Our survey shows that over half of Conservative MPs (54%) do not know that the Government’s proposed changes will affect people who have had cancer. Just over a third of all MPs (38%) are unaware of this impact.

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Macmillan knows the financial burden that many people with cancer face. The charity found that four in five (83%) people with cancer are on average £570 a month worse off as a result of their diagnosis. This is because of loss of income and extra medical costs, such as transport to hospital appointments, as well as spiralling household bills as cancer treatment causes people to feel the cold more when they’re likely to be spending more time at home.

As the Bill moves to its final stages, we hope local MPs recognise the impact that any cuts to benefits will have on the physical and mental wellbeing of people in their constituencies with long-term illnesses and uphold the Lord’s amendments.

If people want to find out more about this campaign, they can visit our website: http://bit.ly/1NKw9Wk

Dawn Graham,

Senior Macmillan

Development Manager