Festive family fun as popular show returns to South Shields

A seasonal South Tyneside show is returning for more festive fun!

Craig Richardson as Elfredo & Wayne Miller as Elfluent
Craig Richardson as Elfredo & Wayne Miller as Elfluent

After a record-breaking year last Christmas, Elfluent the Elf is returning to the stage in a new adventure.

Santa’s Naughty Elf and the Frozen Christmas runs at The Customs House from today until Christmas Eve, with an extra five shows added to the under sevens panto to cope with demand.

Hazel Pude as Fairy Snowflakes

Wayne Miller, the show’s writer and director, who also plays Elfluent the Elf, said: "As always I’m loving the chance to return to such a loved character.

"Santa’s Naughty Elf is an important part of people’s Christmas, which is something that means a great deal to me.

"We are working hard to bring our loyal audiences the best show we can possibly can.”

The story sees Elfluent back to being the naughtiest elf in the North Pole.

Steven Stobbs as Snowy the Elf

Trying to get out of making any toys, he finds Fairy Snowflakes spell book to cast a spell that will do all the work for him. Only he casts the wrong spell, freezing everything in the workshop!

He must find the only Elf who can withstand such freezing temperatures to help get Christmas back on track. Will he find Snowy The Elf and be able to get all the toys ready for Santa on Christmas Eve?

A whole bunch of familiar faces are cast in the show alongside Wayne, including Customs House panto regular Craig Richardson, as Elfredo, Made in Tyne and Wear’s Hazel Pude as Fairy Snowflakes and Steven Stobbs, returning to Santa’s Naughty Elf as Snowy the Elf.

Craig said: "It’s nice to be returning to the cast of Santa’s Naughty Elf, it is always so much fun to be part of and there is nothing quite like bringing magic and laughter to children of all ages in my home town at Christmas time."

Hazel Pude as Fairy Snowflakes

Steven added: "I am always proud to be part of a Customs House show.

"Even more so when its one like this, that is so interactive for the audiences. We make them feel part of it, like they are with us through the whole adventure side by side."

Hazel added: "Santa’s Naughty Elf is a great way to introduce young children to theatre in the North East and it is a joy to be able to spread magic to those young and old.

"The cast are all so strong and I can’t wait to get started. It is certainly a show not to be missed. If you go to see anything this Christmas, this is the one to see."

Steven Stobbs as Snowy the Elf

The cast are now ready for their first show, with Wayne admitting: "We are having a blast in rehearsals, this cast are at the top of their game.

"I’m so pleased to have them returning to the show and bringing so much talent for all at The Customs House to see.”

Tickets for Santa’s Naughty Elf and the Frozen Christmas are £10 and include a special gift from Santa Claus.

For tickets call the box office on 0191 454 1234 or visit www.customshouse.co.uk.