Fire service calls on more shops to stop selling fireworks after Sainsbury’s ban

Sainsbury’s became the first major supermarket to ban the sale of fireworks in their stores and now Cleveland Fire Authority urges other stores to follow their lead.
Bonfire Night celebrations in Hartlepool.Bonfire Night celebrations in Hartlepool.
Bonfire Night celebrations in Hartlepool.

A recent decision by supermarket branch Sainsbury’s to ban the sale of fireworks has lead Cleveland Fire Authority to urge other stores to do the same.

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The supermarket giant said it had chosen to stop selling to fireworks due to the distress they cause to the elderly, domestic pets and wildlife.

Customer’s have rallied behind the supermarket in their decision, as well as animal organisations and charities and local fire and rescue services.

Chair of Cleveland Fire Authority, Coun Paul Kirton, said: “We are pleased that Sainsbury’s have made this decision and urge other retailers to do the same.

“Fireworks are effectively small explosive devices and the fact that they are freely available for members of the public to purchase, who may have no experience or little knowledge of how to operate safely causes concern. We know that because fireworks are available they inevitably fall in to the wrong hands causing incidents including personal injury, damage to vehicles and property fires.

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“Selling fireworks is also costly for retailers who have to have them locked away and carry out ID checks for every purchase so a ban would save retailers resources and demonstrate a commitment to keeping their communities safe.”

Cleveland Fire Brigade’s advises that if you are heading out this bonfire night to attend an organised display.

A Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue service spokesperson, said: “The safest way to enjoy fireworks is to go to an organised display. However, we work closely with retailers across Tyne and Wear – including supermarkets – to ensure that they comply with regulations for safe storage and selling of fireworks.

“If you do choose to buy your own fireworks, please use a licensed and reputable retailer. Products bought through social media or from unlicensed premises may not meet safety standards.”

Purchasing fireworks illegally can result in a £5,000 fine or even imprisonment of up to six months.