Five things Labour members have been banned from doing at meetings

Labour members in South Shields have had to be given rules on how to behave as part of measures put in place to tackle problems found by party officials.

It comes after the South Shields branch of the party was suspended.

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A raft of new rules which have been put into place as Labour North take over the running of South Shields Constituency Labour Party include:

1) No comments made under the breath, or to members during meetings.

2) No raised voices or comments made in anger.

3) No dismissive body language, including eye-rolling, tutting or head shaking whilst someone is speaking.

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4) No comments that make reference to personal characteristics, such as age, experience, gender or individual personal politics.

5) No action which may be interpreted as aggressive physical behaviour, regardless of whether that was the intent, for example, finger pointing at other members.

Those who display this kind of behaviour are being warned they would face sanctions.

These include:

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A written warning which would remain on their file;

Suspension from the party following existing procedures;

Reporting the conduct of sitting councillors to their selection panels where poor records of behaviour “must be considered” in the re-selection process.

The letter, signed by Labour North regional director Fiona Stanton, went onto say: “It is clear that these are intended to ensure members behave towards each other in an appropriate way, and we expect members not to use these expected standards to exacerbate problems.”