Flowers fall-out at caravan park sees pensioner parting ways

A pensioner claims she has been forced off a South Tyneside holiday park after a decade.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 26th June 2018, 1:42 pm
Updated Tuesday, 26th June 2018, 1:43 pm
Jane Maill
Jane Maill

Jane Maill, 77, has been renting a space at Lizard Lane Caravan Park, Marsden, for 10 years but claims over the past three years she has made to feel unwelcome by the owners – with the last straw coming when she was told to remove flowers from outside her caravan.

The owners say the dispute was down to a misunderstanding and that they are sorry to see her go.

Lizard Lane Caravan Park, South Shields.

Mrs Maill has since sold her caravan, which has been removed from the site.

She said: “It started about two to three years ago. Someone left the caravan site and I got their balcony. I was told the owners did not like it, but that I could keep it. Then I was told I had to remove some rubbish that had been left after a caravan had moved – it wasn’t my rubbish.

“I was than given some flowers after someone else left the site. I asked someone to put them underneath my caravan. Two weeks later, I was told they all had to go.

“Everyone else had plants, I couldn’t understand why I was being told I couldn’t have them. I was happy at the caravan park, I just don’t know where all of it had come from.”

Manager Graham Davidson said: “We were looking to tidy up that area of the site and flatten the ground around her caravan. We needed to remove all the plants in order to do this. I don’t know why she feels this way.

“We have known Jane since we took over the caravan park and we have not had any problems before. This has all been a miscommunication. She has since taken her caravan off the site. She had paid in advance, so she will be given a refund. I did ask if she would reconsider staying as I did not want her to go.”