Former South Shields MP is '˜out of touch' with immigration views say readers

Former constituents of ex-South Shields MP David Miliband have hit out over his views on immigration.
David Miliband, the former MP for South Shields.David Miliband, the former MP for South Shields.
David Miliband, the former MP for South Shields.

Mr Miliband has joined calls for the UK to take more refugees - suggesting Britain should be committing to help up to 25,000 a year - four times the original pledge.

Last year ministers agreed to take in 20,000 people driven from the war-torn country by 2020 following a public outcry over the fate of those attempting the perilous journey across the Mediterranean.

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The former Foreign Secretary said this equates to just six refugees per parliamentary constituency over the five-year period - a figure he says which would not overwhelm his former seat of South Shields.

Ahead of the UN Summit on refugees and migrants in New York, Mr Miliband said there “needs to be a clear commitment” from the richer countries to tackle the issue.

However, readers have taken to the Gazette’s Facebook account and Wesbite to express their thoughts on his views.

The majority are claiming Mr Miliband, who now lives in New York where he works for the International Rescue Committee, is out of touch.

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Rob Paris asked: “Just where do we house these unfortunate people? There is a housing shortage in the UK .

“Austerity has crippled the NHS schools under pressure the best thing is to make sure they are safe and comfortable in their temporary accommodation where they currently are and try and sort the mess in their country.”

Sheila Tebble stated: “What about our own homeless people? We should be sorting our own people out first.”

Trouble posted: “People living off food banks, people working hard to pay tax then find they cannot get certain cancer drugs because it’s to expensive.

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“The police not investigating certain crimes because there is not enough of them, wait months to see consultants, the list goes on.

“This man is so out of touch with the electorate, still living in Tony Blair’s era.”