Fund is great lifeline

As a working mum, I juggle the same priorities as millions of women across the UK but being an RAF mum brings its own set of unique challenges.

I have served in the RAF for more than 20 years and am proud of my long service, having said that my proudest moment to date was the birth of my daughter Eliza.

Eliza’s arrival meant life, happily, took on a new, very busy direction, not least because my husband James is battling a terminal brain tumour.

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Which is where the RAF Benevolent Fund come in. With their support, we can concentrate on being a family, together.

The RAF Benevolent Fund has provided a home for our family and financial assistance when times got tough.

James is currently in remission and able to be at home but when he is being treated at Sheffield Hospital, long trips to visit him can take their toll.

The RAF Benevolent Fund helped to pay for hotel accommodation during this difficult time, ensuring we could be together as a family to support each other.

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I see first hand the difference the RAF Benevolent Fund makes to our lives and I also know the other schemes like Airplay youth clubs on RAF stations help many more RAF mums continue their careers and provide the best for their children.

To find out more about the fund or to make a donation go to

Cpl Sarah Faulkner,

RAF Waddington