Gazette readers say no to talk of second EU referendum

Politicians have been urged by Gazette readers NOT to push for a second vote on Brexit.

Thursday, 18th January 2018, 5:00 am
There has been much talk of a second referendum since the initial vote took place in June 2016.

The possibility of a second referendum on Britain’s departure from the European Union has been discussed at length since the first vote took place in June 2016.

In South Tyneside, 62% of people voted for Brexit – and the results of our online poll this week were similar, with 57% saying they would not back a second referendum.

Those commenting on the our Facebook page gave their views.

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John Anderson posted: “I voted remain but the majority voted leave. The vote was not for any deal it was in or out regardless. No to a second vote.”

Phoebe J Wilson added: “I’ve never seen so much pussy footing around: I voted OUT 17 months ago and it’s still dragging on – pathetic! Definite NO to a second referendum! The vote has been decided: accept it and get on with it!”

Mark Lynn wrote: “No – we voted leave and that’s the whole point in voting. If there is another referendum then democracy in this country is well and truly dead.”

Brian Flounders said: “The decision as been made, STAND BY IT.”

Elizabeth Cauwood posted: “No means no! They should stick at it till they get a deal. Perhaps we could vote on a change in government, now that would be worth it.”

Scott Collin added: “Can we re-do the 1990 election as well because I didn’t like that one.”

Many others, though, gave the view that a second referendum was necessary.

David Cowley posted: “Yes! Can anyone honestly say we had enough information to make a rational decision?”

Simon Wade added: “I wonder if those that insist Brexit is a good thing actually watch the news or read any independent newspapers? It wouldn’t work for us, the facts are there, get over it.”

Martin Goldsack wrote: “The original referendum was flawed in so many ways, not least in only requiring a tiny majority – such an important decision should have required at least 60% in favour. There were also so many lies spouted by politicians on the basis of no information, for exampls the infamous £350million a week for the NHS.”

Lyn Sisterson said: “Well I voted to remain, no proper information given at the time, lies about stuff, and here we are today, they haven’t a clue what they (are) doing or how things will move forward.”