Glad to hear Spot is well

Bridget Bravey's letter on Monday, February 8, was heartwarming.

She adopted Spot, the adorable border collie, and asked about his history.

Well here is what I know. I let a flat to three young people in Dean Road, another turned up and slept on the settee. This then became the place to be to do cannabis, and then animals appeared. Firstly, two kittens were scampering about, inhaling second hand cannabis fumes and generally being mishandled.

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A few days later Spot appeared, a gorgeous grey/ white, blue eyed border collie. His young owner couldn’t keep him in his guest house as no pets were allowed. He said he got Spot from another lad and was looking for a good home for him. I would have taken him but I have two cats. Spot had no one to call his own really. Poor thing was lost, hiding himself in the lounge with loud music and young kids smoking.

I said I would try to re-home him and that’s when I wrote the letter to the Gazette with Spot’s photo.

In the time it took for the letter to appear, a lad who did not even live in the flat put Spot on Facebook. Mrs Bravey saw the posting and paid to take Spot, when he did not even belong to them.

When the letter was published, Spot was thankfully already in his loving home with Bridget and her family – a happy ending.

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That just left the two kittens. The young owner was now living elsewhere. I pleaded with her to let me take them to a shelter, but she wouldn’t.

One evening last winter I had to go to the flat, I let myself in as there was no answer. As I opened the door the kittens ran past me and were gone.

Fortunately alocal lady found the kittens cold and hungry. She took them to a nearby cat shelter where they were nursed back to health and adopted out to a loving home – another good ending again.


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