Green bin collection charge - readers have their say

Residents across South Tyneside are gearing up to boycott the new green waste collection charges when they come into force, next year.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 27th October 2016, 5:00 am
Updated Thursday, 27th October 2016, 3:46 pm
Residents are calling on the council to collect their green bins
Residents are calling on the council to collect their green bins

Hundreds of people have taken to social media to rubbish the planfor them to pay £30 to have their garden waste collected.

The new criticism comes after Andrew Whittaker, the council’s corporate lead in area management, told a meeting of the council’s Place Select Committee, that once the charge starts. he estimates only 50% to 60% of current users will continue in the scheme.

However, one person believed he may have underestimated that number.

Rmrcdo posted on our website: “Mr. Whittaker needs to get into the real world. The figures he quotes are an absolute insult to the residents of South Tyneside. Fill your black bin and leave your green bin outside to be collected with a typical council sticker attached. Their problem.”

Margaret Jobes said: “I for one won’t pay this charge and I imagine many more than 50% won’t either! Our council like to levy charges for us all to pay to help fund their increased allowances!”

Lisa Bainbridge wrote: “Take my bin. The green recycling service this year has been an absolute joke. Unreliable. Supposed to collect on a Friday, turn up Saturday or the following Monday. I think my green bin has been collected about five times this year as we have no idea when collection is any more.”

A number of residents called on the council to now come and take away the green bins and say they will go back to using their black bins, with some people asking where the local authority is going to store the discarded green bins.

Andy Âû Wright asked: “I’m curious where they’re going to store the thousands of manky, unwanted green bins. If they’re not going to empty them they’re obliged to collect them.”

Donna Minchell posted: “They can take my bin away for how often it’s actually full. Council need to stop wasting money and expecting people to foot the bill for their mistakes.”

Will Griffin said: “I will pay £30 when the council pay me £80 a year in order for me to continue to sort, clean and place my recyclable items in the blue bin provided. Something the council gets revenue from my efforts”

Sir Ronald Ronson Brenk the 2nd commented on our website in response to our story. He said: “Maybe organise a green bin March, everyone pushes their bin to the Town Hall and leave it there.”

Stephen 58 asked: “How much does the council make using our garden waste to make compost which is sold to the public?”