Harton Academy celebrates exam success of its students

Staff and students have been praised at a South Tyneside Academy after achieving another 'great' set of A-level results

Thursday, 16th August 2018, 1:08 pm
Updated Thursday, 16th August 2018, 2:53 pm
Harton Academy student Elizabeth Brown receives her A-level results.

Sir Ken Gibson, executive head teacher at Harton Academy hailed the work ethic of pupils as they all achieved at least one pass while 98% of students had achieved at least two.

Sir Ken said; “We are absolutely delighted. I think the effort the students and the staff put in is incredible. It just gets better every year.

Harton Academy A-level results day.

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“The commitment and dedication of the students and staff is the reason why we have got the wonderful results we are celebrating today.

“It is just a lovely atmosphere and it’s nice to see their effort and hard work pay off.

“We have 100% of our students achieving at least one pass, while 98% have got at least two passes. They are similar results as previous years which is great.”

The students are now looking forward to starting the next chapter of their lives as they prepare to head off to university or start their apprenticeship programmes.

Harton Academy A-level results day.

Elizabeth Brown from South Shields received A*s in maths, further maths and chemistry.

The 18-year-old will now be heading to Bath University to study maths.

She said: “It has been a roller coaster. It’s been fun but hard work. Having the conditional offer gave me more focus.

“Standing with my results, doesn’t seem real, I’m just very happy.”

Harton Academy student Annalise Murray receives her A-level results.

Her mum Joanna who came to the school to support her daughter said: “I’m so proud of her. Elizabeth is a very determined young lady and she has worked extremely hard.”

Annalise Murray from Harton, South Shields will be heading off to Durham University to study biology, after achieving an A* in biology and an A in chemistry and maths.

She said: “I found the A-levels very challenging but worth it in the end.

“It was so nerve-wracking when I went online to see if I had got in to Durham. Once I realised I had got in, it was such an amazing feeling.

Harton Academy student Jacob Lightfoot receives his A-level results.

“It’s definitely a weight off my mind.”

Jacob Lightfoot, 18, from South Shields is heading to Newcastle University to study medicine.

He achieved an A in maths and chemistry, a B in physics and a C in music.

He said: “I was really nervous and woke up at 5am. As soon as I could I went online. Having the conditional offer made it a lot more focuses and more determined.

“I’m happy with the results and looking forward to the future.”

Jack Ford, achieved an A* in maths, an A in further maths and a B in physics.

Harton Academy A-level results day.

The 18-year-old, who will be heading off to York University to study maths, said: “It has definitely been hard but it has been a great learning experience.

“I had hoped I had done well, but I didn’t know how well I had done. I had a conditional offer which was lower than my predicted grades, but I knew I still had to work hard as you can’t take anything for granted,

“It was such a relief when I found out my results and I’m looking forward to the future.”

Harton Academy A-level results day.
Harton Academy A-level results day.
Harton Academy student Jack Ford receives his A-level results.
Harton Academy A-level results day.
Harton Academy A-level results day.