Health, family, and a nice cup of tea - and a good wi-fi connection: The things in life that really count

A well-made cup of tea, a good wi-fi connection and lazy Sundays are among the top 30 things that really count in life, according to a study.
The things that count in lifeThe things that count in life
The things that count in life

A well-paid job, kids doing well at school, and having a pet also appeared in the top 10.

And simply getting enough sleep came fifth, according to research for M&S Bank - which found that health comes before wealth for most Brits.

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Head of Products Paul Stokes said: "We wanted to challenge people to really consider the things that are most valuable and important to them in life.

"The findings reveal that it's some of the little things in life, like a well-made cup of tea, lazy Sundays or having a laugh with friends and family, that count the most for Brits; it's the small things that can make a big difference."

Three quarters of Brits said that the most important thing in their lives is having a healthy family, with being financially comfortable coming second.

But it seems that most Brits value having enough to get by on more than being super-rich, which ranked lower.

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Hugs, a stress-free job and owning a reliable car also ranked highly, as did getting a bit of peace and quiet and climbing into bed with fresh sheets.

Sixty per cent of Brits also said that memories are the most important thing to them. However, they said they didn't realise what is truly important in life until they were 31 years old, and 15 per cent of the population say they still haven't decided.

Eight in 10 Brits say it is important to maintain a positive outlook on life, and are more likely to befriend someone with an optimistic view on the world.

Paul Stokes added: "One of the main ways to learn what is really important in life is to set easily achievable goals; which is why we have launched the M&S Bank "Make it Count" campaign for 2017.

The 30 Things That Really Count in Life:

1. Healthy family

2. Being financially comfortable

3. Having a laugh

4. Being close to family

5. Getting enough sleep

6. Hugs

7. Reliable car

8. Having a pet

9. Kids doing well in school

10. Peace and quiet

11. Getting a kiss when you are not expecting one

12. A stress-free job

13. Well-made cup of tea

14. Football team doing well in the season

15. A luxury holiday

16. A well-paid job

17. Having a creative outlet

18. Strong Wi-Fi connection

19. Climbing into bed with fresh sheets

20. Lazy Sundays

21. Feeling secure at work

22. Being wealthy

23. A nice glass of wine or beer at the end of the day

24. Seeing grandparents

25. Fresh coffee

26. Being spontaneous

27. Going to the pub

28. Trains running on schedule

29. The smell outside after it has stopped raining

30. Being cooked dinner