East Coast Workout: Seven-minute session to tone up your legs

Today's workout is all about the legs.
Today's workout is all about the legs.

Use this workout to tone your legs and bum. It only takes seven minutes but you will definitely feel the burn in your thighs. It’s a great way to tone all of the muscles in your legs.

20 seconds SQUATS

20 seconds LUNGES

20 seconds SPEED SKATERS


20 seconds SQUAT JACKS


30 second rest

Repeat another two rounds.

Watch a video of my boot camp group doing this workout last Thursday night at www.eastcoast-fitness.com/blog

YOUR TRAINER: Graham Low, owner of East Coast Fitness, is an award-winning personal trainer based in Seaham. The ex-professional footballer was nominated for the Small Business of the Year and Leisure Awards at the Sunderland Echo Portfolio Awards last year. Graham won the Leisure Award at the North East Hotels Association Awards while working as gym manager at Seaham Hall in 2012. For personal training, boot camps, small group training and online programmes email graham@eastcoast-fitness.com or visit www.eastcoast-fitness.com