Hebburn star Chris Ramsey arrested in his underwear after case of mistaken identity at hotel

South Shields funnyman Chris Ramsey was arrested in nothing but his underwear when police barged into his hotel room at midnight.
Chris RamseyChris Ramsey
Chris Ramsey

The 29-year-old, from Marsden, was relaxing ahead of his live show at London’s Lyric Theatre, when officers broke down his hotel door on Sunday night.

Ramsey was forced against a wall and handcuffed by an officer, in what turned out to be a case of mistaken identity.

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Currently touring the UK with his latest show, All Growed Up, the comedian provided a running commentary of events on Twitter.

The former Hebburn star wrote: “Well... The police have definitely just kicked my hotel door in and handcuffed me. I’m shaking!!

“Hotel staff ID’d me as someone who had been in the hotel earlier threatening staff with a knife.

“So when I checked in just now they called the police and sent them up to my room! I kept asking ‘Is this a joke!?’

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“Police put the handcuffs on me and began to march me out of my room when I shouted ‘But I’m in my kegs!’

“I love the idea that someone who was in earlier threatening staff with a knife, would then check in later for a kip!”

He later tweeted that he thought “it was Ant and Dec or Keith Lemon” playing a joke.

After the police left, he wrote: “Just had an interesting chat with the night manager ... Currently drinking beers from the minibar ... I doubt they’ll be on the bill when I leave.”

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But later he saw the funny side, adding: “About to go down for hotel breakfast ... I’m wearing a black T-shirt and a cap. Just in case I get mistaken for a murderer or something.”

A spokeswoman for the comedian confirmed that four officers were involved in the incident, in which Ramsey was forcibly detained.

A spokeswoman for the Metropolitan Police said officers were called to a “racially aggravated” incident involving a man threatening hotel staff with a knife.

She added that officers returned at 12.36am, when they mistakenly detained - and later released - Ramsey.