Help protect teenagers

In the first 24 hours of Barnardo's campaign calling on the Government to introduce compulsory age appropriate sex and relationship education (SRE) for all children in England, more than 700 people have contacted over half the country's MPs.

This response shows how passionately people feel about wanting to help protect children.

The overwhelming majority of 11 to 15-year-olds who took part in our poll said they would feel safer if they had school lessons on SRE and we know eight in 10 parents agree too.

We’re urging everyone to join our campaign and ask their MP to put pressure on the Government to make this long awaited change.

You can help make this happen for our children by emailing your MP, either directly or through the Barnardo’s website at

It’s time to listen to what our children are telling us – they need the knowledge that will help keep them safe.

They have told us what they think and we cannot ignore them.

Steve Oversby,

Director Barnardo’s East Region