Help solve the mystery of the big fish in South Shields' Marine Park

Everyone likes a mystery, and thanks to reader David Park, here's one to get you speculating whilst reminiscing.

Monday, 22nd October 2018, 9:22 am
Updated Tuesday, 23rd October 2018, 3:26 am
Back in April 1974, Bill McNaughton, Michael Ord and Brian Crammon were pictured in a boat on the lake at Marine Park.

For David is seeking a photograph, taken half a century or so ago, featuring a little girl – and a big fish.

The scene of the mystery is Marine Park, in South Shields, as David explains.

“Would the Gazette still have a photograph of a little girl catching a big fish from the Marine Park about 50 years ago?” he asks.

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The giant fish and the bear in a scene from The Singing Ringing Tree.

“I think it was on the front page. It was a mystery and a number of sightings were reported of big fish in the lake. It was thought that sticklebacks were the only residents.”

Although, David’s query doesn’t ring any bells, I’m sure someone will remember the story and solve the puzzle.

It could be that the big fish in question were pike, which can often find homes in park ponds and lakes.

I’m sure local anglers will be able to confirm or deny such a possibility.

The goldfish is comforted by the princess. Do you remember the film?

Over the years, thousands of visitors to the park will have walked around that very lake; perhaps you witnessed something strange in the water? Please get in touch if you have done.