History may repeat itself

Has anyone noticed the similarity to our country now and how it was just after the Second World War?

Both massively in debt with the first fighting fascism and this one a combination of the greed of the bankers, and the ineptitude of successive governments.

The Cameron government imposed its own solution.

An ideology based around deficit reduction, this pernicious attack on the sick, disabled and the working class is failing miserably, no growth and ever increasing debt.

After the war, Churchill was voted out, and was replaced by Clement Attlee, the last socialist leader this country has had.

Unlike the present Conservatives, Attlee’s Labour government went for growth with a programme of spending.

Attlee’s government achieved full employment, built one million new homes, formed the NHS, built more than 1,000 new schools, employed more than 25,000 teachers and ended exploitation of workers’ rights in many industries.

And they said, like Mr Corbyn, he was unelectable.

Ged Taylor