How South Shields and Jarrow MPs voted on each of the alternative Brexit plans

MPs again rejected all options set out in Parliament last night in a series of "indicative votes" aimed at finding a way forward for Brexit.

By Ross Robertson
Tuesday, 2nd April 2019, 8:23 am
Updated Tuesday, 2nd April 2019, 8:39 am
Stephen Hepburn and Emma Lewell-Buck
Stephen Hepburn and Emma Lewell-Buck

It was the second time in the space of a week that all alternatives to Theresa May's deal were rejected by Parliament after the Commons took control of the Brexit process following the Prime Minister's three defeats on her plan.

Brexit Secretary Steve Barclay told MPs that the default outcome was now a no-deal Brexit on April 12, but said it was still possible to leave with a deal - and avoid holding European Parliament elections in May - if the Commons approves an agreement this week.

Cabinet will meet today for five hours to try and thrash out a way forward.

Here's how our MPs voted for each of the alternative plans set out last night:

Common Market 2.0

The UK would join the European Free Trade Association and European Economic Area with countries such as Norway, allowing us to remain part of the single market, retaining freedom of movement, so British citizens would keep the right to live and work in the EU and vice-versa.

Former Conservative MP Nick Boles's Common Market 2.0 motion was defeated by 282 votes to 261, majority 21.

Emma Lewell-Buck, South Shields: Against

Stephen Hepburn, Jarrow: Against

Customs Union

Would see the Government to negotiating "a permanent and comprehensive UK-wide customs union with the EU" as part of any Brexit deal.

Would give the UK a closer trading relationship with the EU and reduce the need for some (but not all) checks at the Irish border.

Tory former chancellor Ken Clarke's customs union motion was defeated by 276 votes to 273, majority three.

Emma Lewell-Buck, South Shields: For

Stephen Hepburn, Jarrow: Against

Second referendum

Gives the public a vote to approve any Brexit deal passed by Parliament, before it can be implemented.

MPs voted by 292 votes to 280, majority 12, to reject Labour MP Peter Kyle's second Brexit referendum motion.

Emma Lewell-Buck, South Shields: Against

Stephen Hepburn, Jarrow: Against

Parliamentary supremacy

Giving MPs power to block leaving with no-deal by cancelling Brexit if EU won’t grant a further extension beyond 12 April

SNP MP Joanna Cherry's proposal saw 191 votes for, 292 against, defeated by a majority 101

Emma Lewell-Buck, South Shields: Against

Stephen Hepburn, Jarrow: Aginst