Huge snake spotted in Northumberland tourism hotspot

A huge snake has been spotted at a Northumberland holiday hotspot - but there's no need to panic.

Beadnell resident Katie Archer came across the reptile as she took her dog for a walk through a caravan site.

She asked: "I would love to know if it’s an adder or a grass snake?

"I do know for definite it was the biggest snake I’ve ever seen outside of a zoo and very fast!"

A grass snake at Beadnell, Northumberland.


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The Northumberland Country Zoo, near Felton, came up with the answer.

Zookeeper Maxine Bradley said: "That is a grass snake, the longest native snake you will find in the UK.

"Easily identified by the striking marks on the back of their head, they can grow up to 1.5m long!

"This species is protected in the UK and is completely harmless to people so it is best just to let them mosey on through and continue their business. They mainly eat small fish, birds and rodents."


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It was revealed to be a grass snake