Hundreds of messages flood in for Bradley Lowery after scan finds new tumour

Supporters have spoken of their upset after hearing news that Bradley Lowery's latest check up has found a new tumour has developed.
Bradley pictured at home in the last week.Bradley pictured at home in the last week.
Bradley pictured at home in the last week.

The five-year-old from Blackhall has been given a specialist scan which shows up abnormal cells following the specialist antibody treatment with the hope it would give him more time.

But it has shown a new tumour at the bottom of his back, although some of the tumours caused by the return of his cancer have been reduced.

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His mum Gemma, posting on the Bradley Lowery's Fight Against Neuroblastoma Facebook page last night said: “Unfortunately the results are not what we wanted to hear.

'¨“Bradley's scans show that there has been a small reduction in some parts however there is a new tumour on the bottom of his back.

“As you can imagine we are devastated and heart broken with this news as I really wanted the new treatment to work

'¨“We are not sure where we go from here as it will depend on his bone marrow biopsy results.'¨

“Results won’t be back for another week.”

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She added: “Why is life so cruel? “Why do we have to get bad news time after time? Why does my baby not get a break?”

Readers have left hundreds of messages expressing their sadness at the news, but also sending Bradley and his family support in their time of need.

Angela Fjoran said: "Anybody who thinks they have it rough should read this.

"We all worry about mundane things and take so much for granted these lovley people have to live through a hell that non of us would wish on anybody.

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"I really hope your baby gets a break !and I hope you and the family have good support around you â¤ï¸"You must be exhausted."

Maureen Laird said: "Devastating news for that lovely little boy and his family.

"Just keep praying for him and his family, he is such a brave boy and an inspiration to everyone."

Maria Coiley posted: "So so sad.

"As I sit moaning about my life and you and your family going through all that.

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"Your strength and fight is something to be admired."I hope you keep fighting and making lots of memories with your family â¤ï¸"

Davey Bolton wrote: "This must be so devasting for his family just when things seemed to be progressing.

"Never give up fighting Bradley we all support you so brave."

Kathleen Foster said: "Poor little man, sending love and prayers to Bradley, his mam, dad and brother.

"What must they be going through."

Andrew Mackay said: "Poor lad.

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"He's such a strong kid all my respect and love go to him and his family.

"God bless him hope you get well soon son stay strong for your family and fans â¤"

Toni Lloyd wrote: "Sending our love and best wishes to Bradley and his family.

"I can't ever imagine what you are all going through.

"Bradley always has a smile on his little face, I wish for nothing more but a miracle cure for him.

"Lots of love â¤"

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Kelsey Beddow posted: "Heart breaking, poor baby never gets a break, it's just not fair.

"He should be well, enjoying school playing with his friends and having fun not fighting for his life, bless him.

"Sending love and prayers to his family, I can't even begin to comprehend how they must be dealing with this right now "

Sandra Wanless said: "God bless you all.

"So sorry it's not the news you wished for.

"He is one amazingly beautiful little soul and I'm keeping you in my prayers.

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"I wish you lots of courage and faith, I wish with all my heart he gets through all this.

"His spirit and strength shines like a beacon and that alone gives us all hope for a positive outcome.

"If anyone deserves it Bradley does."Fight on little man, you're an inspiration."

Lesley-Ann Burn wrote: "I'm truly sickened by the news, I really am.

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"What a beautiful brave little man he is and having to fight back one of the most cruel diseases.

"I couldn't imagine the pain and anguish Bradley and his family are going through and only hope they have the strength."

Details about how to support Bradley's fund can be found via his Facebook page here.