I recently travelled from Scotland to run the Great North Run.

On completing the half marathon, I planned to get the Metro back into the city centre where my car was parked to travel back home.

After completing the run, I stopped at a cash machine to lift money to pay for my journey back to the centre. Unfortunately, being exhausted and dehydrated I got mixed up with my pin number a few times resulting in the machine declining my card, which meant I had no way of getting back to Newcastle.

I had my mobile so went to call my wife who was in Newcastle waiting for me only to realise my phone had ran out of charge.

At this point I was in a state of panic and upset. I sat down with my head in my hands trying to think what to do, then from out of nowhere a local older man sat down beside me and asked me if I was OK and what was wrong.

I explained to him my dire situation, he assured me that everything would be fine and that he would help me.

He kindly gave me a £10 note to pay for my Metro ticket back to Newcastle, I was astounded with this man’s kindness towards me in my desperate situation.

On the off chance that he will read this, I would like him to allow me to repay him and thank him properly.

In this day and age it’s so unusual for somebody to help a stranger.

I think it was a lovely thing that he did for me and I will never forget it and I would like him to know that. I do believe he was a local man and hopefully reads this in the Gazette.

I can be contacted on 07810 103511.

Kenny McNamee

East Kilbride Athletic Club,