I want my country back

The possible threat of 72million Turkish people having access to travel to Europe, if the EU succumb to its demands over migrants, is terrifying, and it should make all UK citizens think hard on the future of our country.

In the ‘60s when Heath took us into the Common Market it – Germany/France/Italy/Holland/Belgium and Luxembourg –we were told it would never go further. The first lie.

The five professions that worship power are: Politicians, bureaucrats, diplomats, quangocrats and lawyers, the two that worship money are bankers and tycoons, which at present constitutes almost the whole of the “Stay in Europe” brigade.

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People power can change the ruling body in this country, at present, via the polling booth but not in the EU, as they have the non-elected European Commission, who are unchallengeable. Their doctrine is the constitutional unification of the continent of Europe into a single entity,The State of Europe.

The referendum decision on June 23 will be the last ever and the decision is final, so please think carefully. I want my country back.

Jack Wiffin