Ian Wright, Stan Collymore, Paddy Barclay '“ where is your future England manager now?

One upon a time, the national press mocked us Newcastle United fans for wanting to see the back of yet another failure of a manager on Tyneside.
Alan PardewAlan Pardew
Alan Pardew

The column inches were full with claims that we were deluded, self-obsessed and overly ambitious when it came to our club and Alan Pardew.

It’s a club that we have supported and followed since the day we walked hand in hand with our fathers – walking up the many flights of steps until we finally merged from the concrete stairwell to see that first glimpse of the famous green rectangle in the centre of the park, but who are we to have an opinion?

We were wrong remember, we don’t have a clue.

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This whole situation has come to my attention since the weekend of Premier League fixtures didn’t include our lot due to Manchester City’s cup final win against Liverpool.

When Crystal Palace went 3-0 down inside half an hour on their way to making it 10 league games now without a win, it reminded us of the bad old days under Pardew.

It’s one of those things that’s difficult to let go, and many people will state that we are “obsessed” with Pardew and Palace, but when you think about it it’s the totally opposite.

We don’t care what happens with Palace, we don’t care if Pardew wins, loses or draws – what we do care about is sticking two fingers up at those that publicly mocked us fans when Pardew ditched Tyneside for a higher paid contract.

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They claimed that we were in the wrong, they claimed that we hounded him out – but did we really, or did we demand better for our club after “Pardiola” broke almost every diabolical record in our club’s history?

Most consecutive Premier League losses, most consecutive derby losses were all under his reign.

It’s no surprise that the media outlets have gone quiet over the last few weeks when it comes to touting Sir Alan for the England job. After a successful start, he’s finally showing his true colours.

So over to you Ian Wright, Alan Brazil, Paddy Barclay, Stan Collymore, Sky Sports, TalkSport and many others; where is your future England manager now?

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I’ll tell you where he is, frantically trying to figure out how he can grab three points against Sunderland to avoid another relegation scrap.

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