'˜In' vote is a huge mistake

The Dutch voters are demanding a referendum over continued EU membership and now with the rise of the Alternative for Deutschland party (AfD) in Germany there are calls in that country for one too.

The EU is increasingly unpopular in Sweden, France, Austria, Hungary, Greece and elsewhere and it is very possible that these nations too will be demanding their own referenda, particularly if the Germans, Dutch or ourselves vote “leave”. Every ‘member state’ has its anti EU party and these are making ground rapidly as increasing numbers of voters are beginning to view the EU as an expensive “talking shop”, but useless in the face of real challenges.

Those who are still advocating “in” should be thinking very carefully about “in what?”.

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Throughout history empires have always fallen apart in violence and the EU looks to be going the same way.

Which way you vote is a matter for you and your conscience but there is increasing evidence that the wisest course is to leave the sinking ship by jumping into a lifeboat sooner rather than later, in other words leaving at a time and under terms of our choosing rather than having terms forced upon us; waiting until the very end (voting in) would be a huge mistake.

Bryan Foster