'It's hardly affecting the club' - fans react as Sunderland AFC director slams illegal streams of games

Football fans have had their say after SAFC's executive director hit out at those showing his club's games illegally.

Tuesday, 25th September 2018, 12:19 pm
Updated Tuesday, 25th September 2018, 12:27 pm
SAFC executive director Charlie Methven.

Charlie Methven has accused those broadcasting games illegally of "taking the mickey" out of the Black Cats as he and others who are part of the new era at Sunderland AFC work to get the club "back on its feet".

The club confirmed to the Echo that it is working alongside the authorities to "root out" the practice of venues showing games without the correct licenses.

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Under English Football League (EFL) broadcast rules, games being streamed on club websites cannot be shown on screens in pubs, clubs and other venues.

Live Sky games can be shown by venues if they have the relevant licenses in place.

The club says that the EFL has advised SAFC that they have “robust processes” in place to tackle any establishment found to be showing games.

SAFC executive director Charlie Methven.

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Now, you've had your say about the issue on Facebook, with some calling for the club to start screening away games at the Stadium, and provide different catering options to encourage more people through the gates.

Here's how you reacted to the story on social media:

Stephen Forster: "I take drinks and snacks in with me. Being diabetic I'm always thirsty and have snacks with me in case my sugar levels drop.

A recent seat renovation at the Stadium of Light.

"All the same there's no way I'm going to buy snacks drinks etc at the prices charged in the stadium."

David Bernie Bolt: "£12 for two pints and a sausage roll at the match is not a great way to encourage people to the stadium.

"Although I don't condone what the point of this story is I do feel if the directors want to create a community club again then they need to have a serious look at their pricing in house.

"Parents must need to spend anything between £50-100 to take their kids to the match if they are wanting drinks and snacks whilst there, on top of the ticket price."

Mr Methven accused those of broadcasting illegally of "taking the mickey" out of the club.

Jack Waldron: "Yes, it is pricey in the ground. But you can buy sweets and other things from a variety of stalls outside the ground, or there’s a Tesco and B&M about a five-minute walk away."

Alexandra Kellett: "Home matches fair enough they shouldn't be shown, but away is a different matter when some matches are getting sold out in less than a day.

"I know it's illegal but it's hardly affecting the club, unless they planned on opening up one of the suites to show the game in."

"I bet they'd get loads of people go to watch the away games if they opened a suite at the SoL and charged a fiver."

Mark Brown: "If we are successful on the pitch I bet no one gives a toss how much pies, pints are in the stadium, lets hope promotion this season and next."

Sigmundr Vilhjálmrsson: "Get some decent stuff in with staff who know what they are doing and drop the prices at least a little.

"We have any number of local breweries making award winning beers, ales and lagers on our doorstep that we could run different guest beers every home game plus the money goes back to the local economy."

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