'Jewish scum - you're going to get it like Jo Cox did' - horrifying threats to MP

Death threats have been made to Labour's Luciana Berger, with one message allegedly telling her she is going to "get it like Jo Cox did".
Luciana BergerLuciana Berger
Luciana Berger

She has reportedly received a number of emails which are understood to have included an image of a kitchen knife, as well as warnings telling her: "You better watch your back Jewish scum".

The Wavertree MP is believed to have contacted police after receiving the messages on Friday.

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In a statement Ms Berger, who stood down as Jeremy Corbyn's shadow cabinet minister for mental health, extended her gratitude to the police for their "swift action" in dealing with the abuse.

She added: "Behaviour like this seeks to threaten our democracy. Intimidation of any kind should never be tolerated."

Last month Labour MP Jo Cox, 41, was attacked outside her constituency surgery in Birstall, West Yorkshire.

The mother of two died after she was shot and stabbed - seeing her murder send shock waves around the country and the world.

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In May Ms Berger officially joined the race to become Liverpool's first metro mayor and is currently campaigning to win Labour's vote as the party's preferred candidate in the 2017 election.

Since she became an MP Ms Berger has been the target of a barrage of hate messages in the past - often referencing her Jewish religion.

Ms Berger has previously revealed how at one point police told her she was the subject of 2,500 hate messages in just three days using the hashtag 'filthyjewb**h'.

In October 2014 Garron Helm, from Litherland, north of Liverpool, was handed a four-week custodial sentence at Merseyside Magistrates' Court for sending an anti-Semitic tweet to Ms Berger.

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She has also previously revealed that the messages of abuse she has received have forced her to increase security at home, including fitting a "bomb bag at the back of my post boxes".