Jury told details of alleged drugs run at trial of eight people accused of cocaine conspiracy

Details of an alleged drugs run were described to a jury in the trial of eight people accused of buying and selling cocaine.
Teesside Crown CourtTeesside Crown Court
Teesside Crown Court

Brothers Asa and Aidan Dobbing, their alleged courier Jamie Malloy, and Simon Loomes, their alleged supplier in Buckinghamshire, were tracked using mobile phone analysis, number plate recognition cameras, and undercover police surveillance, Teesside Crown Court heard.

Asa Dobbing, who the prosecution allege held the purse strings, exchanged texts with Malloy before he withdrew £13,000 in cash from the Nat West bank in Fawcett Street, Sunderland.

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“Phones linked to both men were cell-sited in the centre of Sunderland,” said Nick Dry, prosecuting. “Malloy then texts Loomes. A short while later Malloy’s vehicle is tracked moving towards Durham.

“There are texts between Loomes and Malloy as they travel. The pair meet at the East Midlands Designer Outlet shopping centre in Derbyshire.

“Following the meeting, Malloy calls Aidan Dobbing. There are further texts between the Dobbings and Malloy as he heads north.”

The court heard Malloy made another trip a week later on November 12, 2013, with Malloy and Loomes observed meeting in the McArthur Glen Shopping Centre car park, near Mansfield.

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Mr Dry added: “Malloy was stopped by the police on the return journey at Elwick on the A19.”

The court heard earlier a kilo of 85% pure cocaine was found in Malloy’s car.

“Following the arrest, the Dobbings and Malloy’s partner Victoria Carter made several attempts to contact him,” added Mr Dry.

“Aidan Dobbing’s phone was cell-sited at the location of the arrest for 15 minutes.”

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• The following all deny conspiracy to supply class A drugs between August, 2012 and April, 2014: Asa Dobbing, 36, of Ryhope Grange Court, Ryhope, Aidan Dobbing, 31, of Ravelstone Close, Doxford Park, both Sunderland, Simon Loomes, 41, of Duke’s Valley, Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire, Kevin Dudley, 20, of Hadrian Park, Jarrow, Victoria Carter, 25, of St Oswyn Street, South Shields, April Hunter, 20, of Union Quay, North Shields, Christopher Catchpole, 49, of Church Walk, Thornley.

• Gary Christie, 41, a detective constable, of Silksworth Lane, Sunderland, denies the drugs conspiracy charge, and misconduct in public office.

• Asa Dobbing denies aiding and abetting a person to commit misconduct in public office.

• Jamie Malloy, 27, of Swan Street, Monkwearmouth, and Leanne Marriner, 33, of Avonmouth Road, Farringdon, both Sunderland, admitted conspiracy to supply class A drugs at an earlier hearing.

The trial continues.