Little to fear by leaving EU

The Prime Minister continues his crusade against the '˜Out' campaign saying that leaving the EU would entail job loses and financial turmoil. Yet most of the big companies, such as Toyota, Siemens, HSCB, have stated that they will stay in the UK.

Nissan is to build its new car here, which is surely a signal it is not going to pull after investing millions of pounds into its operations.

When the Prime Minister makes these claims he forgets that the main reason for resentment is the uncontrolled migration.

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There are, according to figures revealed in the national press, at least 1.5million untraceable, illegal migrants in this country that will take jobs away from British workers, but not only that, create unsustainable pressures upon housing, the NHS, and school places all leading to a country bursting at the seams.

The truth is that if we stay in the EU we will no longer be of any consequence in the global field.

Great Britain has a powerful voice on the world stage by virtue of its past and on-going ability of its people to adopt and innovate and not because it is a member the ‘Brussels Club’.

We are being told that our borders are safe because we are not part of Shengin and yet thousands of migrants are massing at Dunkirk ready to take any opportunity to gain access into Britain. The promise by the Government to reduce migration has been a promise that cannot be met, indeed the situation is out of control.

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The trade agreements between us and the EU will alter but not to the extent we are being led to believe.

If there are any fears then it is the fear being expressed by those people who are really afraid that we will leave.

George Howe