Luke Adams the emphatic winner in his home club's South Shields Park Run

Luke Adams finished the emphatic winner in the South Shields Park Run at the weekend, a minute and 52 seconds ahead of his home club team-mate Daniel Joseph.
Luke Adams is launching a new summer trial series for runners. The course is around Old Marsden Quarry.Luke Adams is launching a new summer trial series for runners. The course is around Old Marsden Quarry.
Luke Adams is launching a new summer trial series for runners. The course is around Old Marsden Quarry.

Adams cocked a fast time of 16:30 for the 5km over the Leas.

Jay Bowley was fifth in 19:09 and second over 40, with Andrew Atkinson seventh in 19;30 and Jarrow’s Darren Parks ninth in 19;59 and third over 40.

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Shields’ Jamie Ward finished 11th in 20:06, with David Triplow 13th in 20:30.

Jarrow’s Michael McNally was 15th in 21;15 and third over 50, with Shields’ Craig Robe 19th in 21:28 and Jeff McGurty 20th in 21:44.

Darren Lough was 22nd in 22:05 and first over 40, with Jonathan Murphy 24th in 22;32 and Sid Astbury 31st in 22:38 and first over 65.

David Roberts was 32nd in 23:35, with Tommy Copp 33rd in 23:37 and second over 65.

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Grant Bezuidenhout was 48th in 24:37, with David Lockney 54th in 25:32 and second over 55.

James Cole was 56th in a personal best time of 25;35, with Jeff Henderson 57th in 25:38 and Jarrow’s Christopher Holman 64th in 26:39.

Shields’ Colin Robson was 65th in 26:52, with Eddie Patterson 71st in 27:11 and Shaun Kinghorn 86th in 28;32 and third over 55.

Neil Reay was 91st in 28;55 with Ben Charlton, aged 11, 93rd in 29;32 and Neil Murdy 99th in 30:32.

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Heaton’s Alice Smith finished 19th overall in a mixed field of 187 and first woman with 21;25.

Shields’ Paula Atkinson was second in a PB of 21:26, with Jacky Murdy third in 22;14 and Kelly Beard-Foden fourth in 22:44.

Gillian Nichol was seventh in 24:33, with Donna Heron eighth in 24:59 and Kim Lancaster ninth in 25;03.

Lesley Downey was 12th in 26:22 and first over 55 with, Jackie Heads 25th in 27;56 and Patricia White 33rd in 29;53 and first over 60.

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Michelle Loftus was 43rd in a PB of 31:58, with Cheryl Reay 54th in 34:31.

Stacey Rogers, from the Jarrow club, finished 53rd overall in a big field of 574 in the Newcastle Park Run.

Rogers was first female with 19:53 for the 5km over the Town Moor paths.

Shields’ Richard Harrison finished eighth in a PB of 17:57, with Matthew Atkinson, aged 10, 315th in 30;45.

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Shields’ Jonathan Balmer was fourth in the Gateshead Park Run on Saturday with 19;20 for the 5km in Saltwell Park.

Shields’ Alyson West finished third woman in the Sunderland Park Run with 22:46 in a mixed field of 190 in the Silkswoth Sports Centre.

George Hurst was 60th in 24:38 and first over 65.

Jarrow’s Andrew Thornton was 20th in the Whitley Bay Park Run with 20:16 for the 5km.

David Wakefield, from South Shields Harriers, finished 414th in senior men’s field of 2115 in the Saucony English National CC Championships at Donington Park, Leicester on Saturday.

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Morpeth finished team champions, with Nick Swínburn third in 42:53 and Jon Hay, of Aldershot, first with 42:09 for the 12km.

Paul Stewart, also from the Shields club, was 629th in 55:31 with Mark Wood 1009th in 60;26 and Paul Doxford 1035th in 62:24.

Miles Weston was 1135th in 62:24, with Neil Yorston 1345th in 65:34.

Dave Myers was 1376th in 66:35 with Ken McDonald 1717th in 93:20.

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Hazelle Webster-Costella, from Jarrow and Hebburn AC, finished 188th in the senior women’s 8km ín 37:48, with Lillian Partridge, of Aldershot, first in 30:35.

Shields’ Claire O’Callaghan was 346th in 41:32, with Melanie Coke-Dunlop 365th in 41:57 and Amy Bound 374th in 42:06.

Nicola Myers was 527th in 46:25 in the field of 489.

Katie Wood finished 152nd in the under 13 girls 4km with 15:51 in a field of 449.

Franki Salter was 153rd with 24:54 for the 6km ín a field of 278 in the undr 17 girls event.

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Shields’ Matthew Wakefield was 162nd for Gateshead with 23:27 for the 7km in a field of 469 in the under 17 boys race.

Morpeth’s Scott Beattie was second in 19:38.

Middlesbrough’s Josh Cowperthwaite won the under 15 boys title with 16:16 for the 5km.