Making a Sunday dinner? These reader recipes promise great Yorkshire puddings

The humble Yorkshire pudding really can make or break your Sunday dinner.

Friday, 9th February 2018, 12:36 pm
Updated Friday, 9th February 2018, 12:40 pm
We asked you for the best Yorkshire pudding recipes and tips. Picture: PA.

They have to be perfect - we don't want them burnt or under-cooked, you've got to get them just right.

On Yorkshire Pudding Day, which was celebrated on February 4, we asked you for the best hints, tips and recipes to getting the perfect savoury pud to accompany your roast.

We asked you for the best Yorkshire pudding recipes and tips. Picture: PA.

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Some said vinegar, some said soda water - and some said only Grandma can get them right.

So we've collated your best recipes and pictures into this guide to making sure you'll never miss out on a Yorkshire pudding again.

Here are some of your suggestions:

Gary Donaldson: "My secret? Get gran to do them! 60+ years of experience wins every time!"

Picture: Claire Llewellyn

Beryl Harris: "Sieved flour, two eggs, soda water, milk, salt, mix well allowing plenty of air in the mixture don't worry about a few lumps.

"Leave in a cool place or fridge for a couple of hours.

"Put lard in, tons, heat on high heat 'til spitting hot. Take out mixture beat pour into tins cook on high heat 20/30 minutes. My grandmother's recipe and I still use it today."

Marie Ritchie: "I always told my children that love made mine rise so if you ask any my kids or grandkids what makes my puddings rise they would tell you love."

Picture: Tracey Collins.

Angie Hammond: "Same amount of milk as eggs. Make the mixture runny, not too much flour, pinch of salt and give it a good old mix."

Emma Launder: "Equal amount/volume of eggs, milk and flour, plenty salt, spoon of vinegar to make them crispy. Hot fat."

Rachel Revill: "Cup of eggs, flour and milk. Beat and refrigerate until oil is hot. Never failed me. Huge every time."

Marjorie Marr: "Flour, egg, milk, salt, hot fat, hot oven - then pray!"

We asked you for the best Yorkshire pudding recipes and tips. Picture: PA.

Carol Ann Bell: "Make mixture night before and add splash vinegar makes them more crispy."

Alison Williams: "Pyrex jug, half full with plain flour, two eggs, salt, half milk and half water, good old whisk till full of air, stand for half hour.

"Tins in the oven with little oil till really hot ... perfect YORKSHIRE Puddings. Learnt from my Dad, old-fashioned way and great every time."

Jim Wightman: "No matter how much is required just add the same amount of each, i.e. a mug full of milk, a mug full of eggs and a mug full of plain flour whisked together add a little salt and pepper=lovely Yorkie puds!"

Amy Louise Dixon: "I just mix everything together haha always add an egg for each person you serve and an extra one and mine always come out big."

Helen Watson: "Use goose fat and wait until the fat is spitting before putting the batter in."

Picture: Claire Llewellyn

Mark Hume: "So many people not adding the fat from the beef joint into the tray. Yous don't know what you're missing."

Nigel Banks: "A touch of sage in mine when making the batter, one spoonful of plain flour per pud, two eggs for six puds and cold milk."

Delaine Johnson: "Cup of eggs,plain flour & milk! Whisk well to get plenty of air into mixture, Very hot fat in deep tins!"

Paul Nedley: "The most important part of making a decent Yorkshire pud, is getting the fat/oil in the Yorkshire pudding pan, in a hot oven to heat up the fat/oil to close to smoking.

"Pull the pan out, pour in the batter, bung it back in the oven turned down to medium heat, close the door and do not open until you see the puddings browned and risen ..."

Claire Llewellyn: "The one cup recipe. And piping hot oil. One cup of plain flour, cup of eggs, cup of milk, quarter cup of cold water.

"Pinch of salt and pepper! Use a muffin tray and half fill each segment, Works every time! I use a pint glass as I make three batches of 12 every Sunday."

... and finally ...

Samantha Hodson: "Open freezer door in supermarket and reach for some Aunt Bessie's."

Picture: Tracey Collins.