Mixed response to introduction of speed cameras on South Shields road

The introduction of speed cameras on a key South Tyneside road is driving some motorists up the wall.

Mobile cameras have been introduced on the A183 Coast Road in South Shields.
Mobile cameras have been introduced on the A183 Coast Road in South Shields.

Many others have welcomed the mobile cameras – which are being operated on the A183 Coast Road in South Shields – as key to increasing road safety.

Police and council officials decided to act after concerns were raised over the speed at which some drivers were travelling.

Signs – to comply with legal requirements – were installed by South Tyneside Council before the camera could be used along the stretch of road from South Shields to Whitburn.

The cameras were put into action for two hours on September 27 and four hours on October 3, with 30 drivers caught breaking the 40mph speed limit during those times, while three were caught not wearing seatbelts and one person was found littering.

Readers commenting on the Gazette’s Facebook page provided a mixed response.

Many say a lot of the problems on the road are caused by people driving too slowly.

Kyle Scott posted: “People go too slowly along there to start with, never mind with a camera there. It’s so stupid.”

Steven Johnston added: “Fine the ones cruising along at 25/30 mph, admiring the view.

“It’s 40 for a reason no matter if you’re faster or slower.”

Kevin Griffiths wrote: “What time of day can you drive at more then 40 there. Normally I’m stuck at 25 behind someone!”

Rod Gillies said: “If some of the drivers on this road went any slower they would be stationary!”

Josh Heslop, meanwhile, worries that other roads in the borough will suffer consequences from the move.

He posted: “Well I wonder where will be plagued by boy racers now.

“It probably won’t be a road out of the way at night now.”

Other posters, though, were smore upportive of the decision to introduce speed cameras – and welcomed the news that some drivers had already been punished for falling foul of them.

Derek Edmond wrote: “Good – if you speed, you get fined. It’s not rocket science people.”

Dan Anderson added: “There have been two serious accidents recently. Well done Northumbria Police.”

Jim Robertson said: “Waits for the complaining letters that they did not see the signs.”

Police say the camera will continue to be used at various times of the day and night and at various locations along the road.