Most pupils clinch school choice

The majority of parents across South Tyneside have been offered a secondary school place of their choice for their child.

South Tyneside Council has released figures which show where youngsters have been offered places.

Out of the 1,494 children applying for a secondary school in the borough, 87% have been given their first choice, 6% their second choice and 2% their third choice.

The remaining 77 youngsters have been offered places at an alternative school, which was not one of their parents preferred options.

Councillor Joan Atkinson, lead member for Children, Young People and Families, said: “It is really encouraging that 87% of children in South Tyneside have been successful in receiving their first choice secondary school place and that 95% of children have been allocated to one of the schools they requested.

“This year, we have received and responded to almost 1,500 applications for secondary school places in the borough with all South Tyneside children offered a school place.

“We make every effort to offer children a place at their first choice of school, but this depends on the number of places available and how closely each pupil meets the oversubscription criteria when a school has more applicants than places available.”