Mum urges smokers to stub it out to protect children

A mum has urged smokers in South Tyneside to stub it out to protect the health of their children.

Friday, 27th April 2018, 6:00 am
Updated Friday, 27th April 2018, 9:56 am
Laura McDonald, pictured with baby Meghan and Coun Tracey Dixon, has urged smokers to stub it out.

Laura McDonald, 27, from Hebburn, is supporting the Secondhand Smoke is Poison campaign, which discourages people from smoking indoors around youngsters.

It comes after the mum-of-three recently quit smoking with the help of South Tyneside Council’s stop smoking sessions.

Laura said: “I gave up smoking during each of my pregnancies but then started smoking again afterwards. However, I always smoked outside of the home as it’s simply wrong to let your kids breathe in the smoke.

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“This time, I am determined to stay off cigarettes completely.

“My son, who is nine, is very proud of me. He used to worry about me dying young so by quitting, I also feel I can be a better role model for my children.”

The council is also backing the campaign, which highlights that tobacco smoke contains a toxic cocktail of chemicals which linger long after the smoke has gone. As children breathe more quickly than adults, they breathe in more of these chemicals.

The council’s lead member for independence and wellbeing, Coun Tracey Dixon, said: “Secondhand smoke can linger for up to five hours.

“Smoking at the back door or beside an open window will not reduce the harm.”