Newcastle have perfect chance to replace McClaren with Moyes or Rodgers but would rather play roulette with survival

A 5-1 drubbing to Chelsea and now they're off to sunny Spain. Viva España.
Paul Simpson and Steve McClaren watch on at ChelseaPaul Simpson and Steve McClaren watch on at Chelsea
Paul Simpson and Steve McClaren watch on at Chelsea

Just as I wrote last week, Steve McClaren’s Newcastle United do not turn corners, we simply find a roundabout and go round and round in a circle, a roundabout that ends in a run of defeats and maybe the odd win along the way with every exit directing us towards relegation.

We all know that defeats will come more frequently than they do for many other clubs and we can live with that.

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We can live with missing out on points at the home of the Premier League’s current champions but only on one condition – the team show some fight and desire.

But once again they crumbled, sat back and rolled over as we watched a painfully embarrassing defeat to Chelsea who quite frankly didn’t even get out of first gear throughout the 90 minutes.

As Jonjo Shelvey ran past the dugout arguing with Steve McClaren and his coaches it showed a small glimpse that the players were frustrated by the lack of organisation which had been set out by their manager.

There were times in the game when I found myself baffled by the formation. It seemed to chop and change as many times as United restarted the game.

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Wing-backs, one striker, three defenders, six in midfield; McClaren may have been wiser to switch it to 11 defenders within the first 10 minutes but that probably wouldn’t have helped.

Don’t forget, the club didn’t think our defence needed strengthening in January. Yep, that plan worked Mr Charnley.

I’ve been saying it for weeks now, and I’ll continue to shout it at the top of my voice - Steve McClaren was never the right man to be sat in the dugout as Newcastle manager and he continues to prove me right every week.

The man looks out of his depth as the tide drags Newcastle further and further away from Premier League status as each weekend passes by.

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The club now have the perfect opportunity to replace McClaren (with either David Moyes or Brendan Rodgers) as the team and coaches jet off for some warm weather training in the Spanish city of Murcia.

But guess what? We don’t sack failing managers remember, we’d rather play a game of roulette with our Premier League survival.

Let’s look on the bright side though – we don’t have another game until March. Let’s all go to Spain.

Kris Wallace runs, a South Tyneside-based Newcastle United fan website