Nine things you said about South Tyneside's proposed rooftop restaurant

The news that a new roof-top restaurant could open in South Shields has set tongues wagging.
What would you like to see at the restaurant?What would you like to see at the restaurant?
What would you like to see at the restaurant?

And while many welcomed the opportunity for the town to secure a new and exciting eatery, some called for other changes to be made to the town first.

So will it be a new curry haunt, a place for fish and chips or another place for a cuppa?

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Hunt starts for firm to run South Shields roof-top restaurant
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Would you welcome a Mexican-themed cantina, a healthy restaurant or a big investor? The most important point from a lot of you seems to be, "just something different".

Here's what some of you had to say about the plans. Currently, Sanderson Weatherall, a Newcastle chartered surveyor, is looking for an established restaurateur the chanceto take a full repairing and insuring lease on the venue’s roof-top restaurant. The proposed rental would start at £55,000 per annum.

Steven Lorrison: "We need to follow Gateshead's lead and get a cinema with restaurant area. Then hopefully better designer shops will be attracted rather than Poundworld and charity shops. This town has massive potential with our seafront it just needs to be managed better."

Emma Jane Pringle: "I certainly won't want to eat chips and ice cream in a roof-top restaurant. If the council have any sense at all they will approach restauranteurs that already have successful establishments and a good customer base all ready. It's sad that people always see the negatives when the council try and do anything to better this town. If people are that sick of it then move somewhere else!"

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Helen Mitchell: "Not just a repeat of a restaurant we already have with a different number!"

Dawn Mcdonald: "Seafood restaurant would be nice and a change from the usual Chinese, Indians and Italians."

Rose Strother: " ...and where are the customers going to park? II live in this area and know for a fact parking for residents has to be paid for, to the council in the form of permits! So they must be going to 'rob' the remaining piece of market for parking. Isn't the market protected by land laws?"

Wendy Shepherd: "There is a lot of potential in South Shields but it needs the right investment. The down trodden state of the town as it stands is lack of interest by the right investors. Bring in some new businesses, including this restaurant, instead of the same old companies and cheap shops. We need to encourage the right people to the town to get in some revenue and improve it as much as possible. We have to stop dragging it down further and 'big it up'!"

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Andrew Potts: "Great idea in principle, however that rent makes this a difficult proposition given the rates to add on top. Any sensible restaurant owner would stay clear on those figures unfortunately."

Angela Harrison: "Something reasonably priced, nice and child friendly."

Emma Frame: "Las Iguanas would be a huge hit in South Shields."