Nine things you said about traffic system changes at the Tyne Tunnel

Plans for a new payment system at the Tyne Tunnel have got all of you talking.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 15th November 2018, 12:53 pm
Updated Thursday, 15th November 2018, 12:59 pm
Do you use the Tyne Tunnel regularly?
Do you use the Tyne Tunnel regularly?

Questions about cash customers, traffic flow and how to enforce non payment have been coming thick and fast since the changes were announced.

Changes are coming to the way the tunnel's payment system work.

Automatic number plate recognition is being introduced this month for tunnel customers.

Pre-paid permits are being phased out, with hopes for the toll booths to be removed in future.

Here's what you had to say about the plans for the Tyne Tunnel:

Helen Ford: "I still think they should keep one cash booth open ... what if you're on holiday, a friend is sick and you pop over, something happens and you can't get online but you need to go through the tunnel. I bet people will speed through too."

Stephen AC Stewart: "It's worked perfectly in Dublin for a good few years. You open an account with them, you only get charged as you use it.

"Or you buy a tag/reader if you use it regular and top it up . You can pay cash at any post office up to 8pm the day after or you can pay through the bank.

"Many options and no traffic jams, A lot more positives than negatives."

Gavin Hall: "They use the same system in London Dartford Crossing, it is a great idea."

Sarah Stevenson: "In practise this isn't a bad idea but how are they going to enforce non payment?"

Iain Wilson: "Works for me. My permit never works in the window of my car and I can't wind my window down as motor is knacked.

"Have to open door and wave my pass out (I'm a dab hand at it now but sorry if I've held you up a little!)

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Am sure they'll have taken on board occasional and elderly users and have learned from other systems like Dartford etc."

Neil Thompson: "The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco does the same, if you don't have an account they send the bill to your address where the vehicle is registered to."

Steven Simpson: "There's no need for this to change as the traffic flows fine bar the Silverlink roundabout. Also what about people who don't have money in the bank or the elderly that may not have access to the net to set up an account?"

Bernard Fox: "It should be free!"

Neil Chapman: "Excellent news ... about time the out of date system was scrapped. Dartford Crossing has had the technology for years."