No standing ovation

Jason Cook's comedy extravaganza on February 6 hit new heights.

The capacity audience was kept captivated by comedy talent from all over the world. We even had a guest appearance from our very own Shields lad, Chris Ramsey. He popped out from his new house at The Nook for a takeaway and picked it up via the Customs House.

His hilarious take on life as a new dad struck a chord with every parent in the theatre.

Next came a young geeky-looking lad, a comedian whose name I cannot remember. He was so self -effacing that I couldn’t help fearing for him as he appeared to be overwhelmed by it all, but it was just part of his comedic charm, his unique style, delivery and originality will ensure he goes far.

Last on was Jason’s headline scoop, world-famous Tammy Lee. I saw her on TV at the Apollo a few months ago. A diminutive Canadian lady of tiny stature but massive comedy talent. There were other guests who graced the Customs House stage, including Jason himself who ripped into any audience member who dared to heckle, but it was great fun, taken in good heart.

You would think all that hard work and amazing talent would deserve a standing ovation, but not likely from a Shields crowd, lardy bums stayed firmly on seats.

I was in row M, way back, but I stood up to show my appreciation for a great night. not one person in front of me took to their feet.

What is it? Fear of embarrassment? Geordie reticence?

It must be frustrating for stars that Customs House audiences don’t seem to care enough to get on their feet.

Jason is giving his time, helping to save the Customs House from closure. He must spend hours persuading other stars to join him in the little theatre with a big heart.

This morning I booked online for Jason Cook’s next show on April 2, I got the last four tickets.

So remember, if you like it, want to see it again, get on your feet, show your appreciation.

Colin Campbell