Not safe in Labour hands

In response to my earlier letter, Mr W Quinn is being totally duplicitous if he is claiming the nation's defences would be more secure under a Jeremy Corbyn Labour Government (February 11).

It has emerged recently that Jeremy Corbyn has called for the Army to be abolished. He does not just want us to scrap our deterrents, he want us to be defenceless.

The Labour leader underlined his peacenik credentials at an event in 2012, when he said it would be ‘wonderful’ to scrap the Armed Forces and disband NATO.

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The revelations have fueled fears all round about Mr Corbyn’s stance on security issues.

Several senior Labour figures, including Yvette Cooper and new deputy leader Tom Watson, have questioned his stance on scrapping the nuclear deterrent and disbanding NATO.

MP Mr Stewart, a former Army colonel, said: “He is totally out to lunch, quite frankly. Presumably, once we had got rid of the Army we would just surrender to any foreign power that tried to invade. It is madness.”

“But it is all of a piece. I am deeply concerned that we now have a Labour Party leader who is friendly with the IRA. It all follows from that.”

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It is telling that Fyodor Lukyanov, editor of the journal Russia in Global Affairs, which is said to be close to the Kremlin, said of Mr Corbyn last month: “I think Russia would certainly be pleased to see such a person as the head of either major party.”

Jeremy Corbyn has enraged residents of the Falkland Islands by calling for sovereignty to be shared with Argentina.

The Argentinian president has said Mr Corbyn’s victory ‘will help us take control’ of the islands.

The UK’s security safe in Labour’s hands? You must be joking.

The silence for our MPs is still deafening.

Alan Wright