'On the telly, he seemed a bit brash, but it was all just publicity' - memories of Muhammad Ali in South Shields

Thousands turned out to welcome Muhammad Ali on his visit to South Shields - and some were lucky enough to meet him.

Jack Taylor, 79, of Carnegie Close, went to the blessing at Shields Mosque and then a reception at Brandling House in Newcastle.

"Myself, my wife and my mother all went to his wedding in Shields

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"Meeting Muhammad Ali was absolutely fantastic - he was a smashing bloke.

"When he was on the telly, he seemed a bit brash, but it was all just publicity."

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"He was a boxer in the Army and he went out to America. He rang the place where Ali lived.

"They sent a limousine for John and took him to this ranch house where Mohammad Ali was and they sat talking.

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John said: "I would like you to come come over to support the boys clubs' and Ali said, 'Because you have come all this way, I will come over."

"John should have had a bit more recognition than what he did

"It was a very big occasion at the time."