One size does not fit all

Where does Emma Lewell-Buck get her information from?

I am a 76-year-old lady lucky enough to be educated at South Shields High School for Girls, subsequently the grammar school.

Along with other girls, I passed the 11-plus examination and was offered a place.

None of our families were wealthy. We all came from working-class backgrounds and our parents decided we deserved the best education possible.

If we don’t educate our gifted children, who will be the wealth creators to help our country to succeed on the world stage?

In education one size does not fit all.

Some children are academic and university material, while others benefit from apprenticeships to produce electricians and plumbers, who are all essential to our way of life.

Every child should be encouraged to fulfil their potential with the help of parents and schoolteachers.

If we listen to Emma, our wonderful country would stagnate.

M Nicholson