Opening up cyber space for the over-50s

A series of events have taken place across South Tyneside aimed at encouraging over 50s to take a trip into cyberspace.
Taking a trip into cyberspace at an Age UK event.Taking a trip into cyberspace at an Age UK event.
Taking a trip into cyberspace at an Age UK event.

Age UK South Tyneside is helping the borough’s older residents to get online and improve their digital skills.

The events were part of Be Online week, which took place from February 15 to 28.

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The annual campaign, run by the Tinder Foundation, aims to inspire people to get online.

Martin Simpson, Digital Inclusion Coordinator at Age UK South Tyneside, said: “Visitors to the local events are able to discover how the internet could help them do anything from finding work or helping to manage their own health, to saving money, finding better ways to keep in touch and so much more.

“Many people get the chance to use tablets and other devices to connect to the internet for the first time.”

“We have been working with older people in South Tyneside to improve digital inclusion for over 16 years, supporting older people to learn new things, develop their existing skills and build confidence to be able to go online to increase their independence.

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“We are really pleased to be leading the way and testing new approaches to benefit local people and we are working in partnership with organisations such as Tinder Foundation and the NHS Widening Digital Participation Programme to engage more older people and get them online.”

The charity provides support in helping people with saving money on line, learn about their health and communicate with friends and family.

For information, call the Digital Inclusion Team on 456 6903 or email [email protected]