EMMA LEWELL-BUCK: PM repeated empty words to try to ‘con’ the British public

It’s been party conference season these past few weeks and yesterday the new PM addressed her members.

It was a speech typically light on substance, laden with contradictions and meaningless phrases.

Words seem to mean nothing to this Prime Minister and her disastrous Government.

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She claimed she was interested in people's hopes and fears, but apparently, she wasn’t interested enough to prevent a mortgage crisis within her first month as PM.

She mentioned that she was concerned our country hadn’t grown enough, but the Conservatives have presided over the last 12 years of declining real wages and public services.

She claimed that fiscal responsibility was important, but she refused a windfall tax to fund the energy cap and instead will be borrowing huge sums at the taxpayers’ expense at a time when borrowing is getting more expensive.

She suggested that “growing the pie” would benefit everyone, but we know that isn’t true when more working people are in poverty than ever before and she won’t commit to increasing benefits in line with inflation.

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Her idea of “growing the pie” is tax cuts for the super-rich and allowing big business to extract greater profits from the pockets of the British workers.

After being adamant the 45p tax rate cut was the right thing to do she then scrapped it fearing a backlash from her own MPs, a u-turn that was nothing to do with “listening” or “getting it” but everything to do with self-preservation.

The rest of her growth plans include deregulatory reforms to encourage the growth of the pie, but these include ripping up hard-won protections that ensure workers aren’t driven even further into the ground in the name of productivity.

The whole speech was an exercise in burying your head in the sand and hoping that repeating the words “growth, growth, growth” will make do.

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Truss has been at the heart of building a Conservative economy that has led to the flat wages and low growth she was highlighting today!

Like her predecessors she has used empty words to try to con the British people whilst engineering a better deal for big business.

She is a disaster for our country, we need a General Election now.