EMMA LEWELL-BUCK: The nation is on its knees because these very same people have been in power for 12 years.

After endless weeks of no one governing our country, we have a new Prime Minister and new Secretaries of State.

“We need a General Election right now.”
“We need a General Election right now.”

But a new face in Number 10 Downing Street and new faces around the Cabinet table won’t change anything.

Remember this, most of them eagerly served in Boris Johnson’s Cabinet or as Ministers.

Indeed, many of them helped to formulate some of the worst polices ever to come out of Government.

We have been told there will be a big announcement regarding energy bills before the end of this week.

Anything other than an immediate freeze on energy bills will not cut it.

That’s because families are terrified, businesses are closing, while care and hospital services are desperately planning how they can keep delivering.

The new Prime Minister, Liz Truss spent her entire campaign in her bid to become leader of the Conservative Party, saying nothing about the cost-of-living crisis and, when pressed, made vague and vacuous statements.

This week, she has come up with her own version of a freeze - however, it is one that protects the oil and the gas giants and leaves the taxpayers with a £90bn bill.

To keep people hanging on like this and to then make such an announcement shows not only a total lack of understanding of the desperation people are feeling right now, but also how little she thinks of most people in this county.

But we already knew this, she is on record as saying that British workers don’t work hard enough and that they produce little.

So far this week, we have been subjected to two very bland, robotic speeches from the new PM which prove she lacks vision, ideas and has an inability to connect with voters.

Few of her own MPs back her.

Amongst Tory voters, with every appearance, her ratings go down and only 12% of the overall electorate expect she will be good at the job.

Already the public have seen through her.

No matter how many times in the coming days we hear from the PM and her Cabinet that things will be better, we already know that our country is on its knees because these very same people have been in power for 12 years.

They are not the answer: we need a General Election right now.